Chef Privado

¿Te gustaría que un Chef a Domicilio te preparase una cena en tu casa?

Dicen que los mejores planes son los que no te esperas y, después de vivirlos, quedan marcados en tu recuerdo. La filosofía de Kosher Garden es esa. Define tus gustos y recibe las propuestas de nuestra Chef Profesional. El día del evento, el Chef comprará los ingredientes, los cocinará en tu casa, realizará el servicio de mesa y dejará todo recogido antes de marcharse. Razones para optar por disfrutar de este servicio son la comodidad, la privacidad y la atención a los detalles. Ofrecemos además un excelente certificado kosher Una experiencia así no te dejará indiferente.

Holidays and festivals

Exquisite cuisine and gormet food

We are known for our excelence and known for are 360 degrees service. We are creatly innovative and always offer the best of the best.

Every holiday is special and every holiday meal should be just as special as well as in taste and in presentation.Of course the food has the highest kosher certification for each and every product.

Familial Celebration



Our weel is full of work and stress and when Shabbat comes we rest in spirituality in order to derive enjoyment from the special shabbat we offer you quality home-made food from traditional recipes with a pinch of creative innovation. We are very environmental also in preperation of your meals and also in the serving of your meals: you will recieve a complete ecological dining set and food containers to purchase or to rent and then return so we may give to a more needy family.

Professional events

Guarenteed Exellence

We offer a uniquely fitted event for each and every buisness, from coktails to seminars to buisness weekends. We respond to every demand wether it be kosher standards or gourmet food.


Creating for you the perfect atmosphere for the perfect day.

We help the bride and groom in the most special moment of thier lives by offering the most special themes. We also take in account your own unique stlye and create for you your own personalized theme. This way we can fulfil the highest standards of kashrut, food and design.

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Call us at any time so we can help you create

an exclusive Menu for your event